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USA Living Cost
Cost of living in the United States can differ depending on location and lifestyle. Big cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago tend to have high costs and quality of goods and other commodities but there are also a number of states offering lower standards of living. Several people from all over the world want to move into the country because of the very high salaries as well as the abundance of job opportunities. The United States is the richest and most powerful nation in the world. At present, it ranks 1st in terms of economy and quality of life.

To help you budget more efficiently given below is a table according to each state of America. These are the most educated estimates which we believe will assist students in preparing effective budgets during their stay in United States of America.


Rent (more expensive for inner city) $700 - $950
Food (eating at home) $ 100 - $160
Bills (gas, electricity, etc) $90 - $120
Transport (at student concession rates) $70 - $90
Other (entertainment, clothes etc.) $35+
Telephone / postage $50 - $70
TOTAL YEARLY (52 WEEKS) EXPENSES $12,540 - $17,100
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