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USA Visa
 In order for us to submit your application, we require OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED COPIES of documents. Your Study in USA counselor will tell you EXACTLY which documents YOU must submit. They MAY include:-

• Completed application form DS160

• Prove the official letter of acceptance (I20).

• The ID page(s) of your passport showing your personal details and passport number

• Academic record(s) for at least the most recent 2-3 years of study - i.e. list of subjects and results for entire course(s)

• Award certificate for the above course(s) - i.e. the piece of paper you hang on the wall to show you have completed the course

• Work Experience - References from employers (full-time positions) These should be on company letterhead, and show the period you were employed, position, responsibilities, and how well you performed.

• A Bank Draft for the application fee, made out to the institution where you wish to study (our counselors will tell you if, or, how much you need to pay)

• Any other documents which support you study application
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