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New Zealand Living Cost
As far as cost of living is concerned it is advised that students budget around NZ$10,000 per annum. Tuition fees can range from NZ$ 11,000 to NZ$ 18,000 per annum depending on course/ program of study. Details of costs can be obtained from the New Zealand High Commission, any of the approved Education Advisors or direct from the NZ institution.


New Zealand takes particular care of students' welfare. NZ institutions assist students in finding accommodation whilst studying in New Zealand. Various types of accommodation are available.

Halls of residence, Student Hostels, dormitories - these are usually located on campus with single or double (shared) rooms. Costs range from NZ$ 500 - 600 per month including food.

Home Stay

Students will live with a New Zealand family with their own room. As a family member, the student has every opportunity to experience the New Zealand way of life. Cost for this (including food) also ranges between NZ$ 500-600.

Apartments/Flats - this is a popular option with Indian students. Most institutions help students find a flat. Students choose their own flat mates. Costs range from NZ$ 450 - 525 per month. This includes food + other expenses. 
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